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Sean has returned to his roots to bring you the latest techniques and talent in hairdressing and styling services, colour and technical services and Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments.  You will feel amazing when you see the result and will benefit from the newly created surroundings providing you with a haven to 'chill out' and enjoy time just for you.  And, if you are not driving, why not enjoy a glass of prosecco at the same time!



Sean Scott Hairdressing will provide you with a high-end salon that will make a striking difference to your hair and bring out your best facial features. With years of experience working for salons ranked alongside the best in the world such as Taylor Taylor in London; and brands such as Tony & Guy & Hob Salons, you can be confident that you will benefit from his talent and technical strength and creative colour expertise.



Sean, who loves to travel visiting countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia and the USA, is described as cheerful, charming and chatty as well as warm and welcoming, so why not try Sean Scott Hairdressing no matter whether you are looking for a cut and style, colour treatment or Brazilian Blowout.   

Sustainable Beauty

The products that we use, in our salon, are created on the belief that living a balance of beauty and sustainability can improve our lives and the world around us. 


Believing in sustainable beauty leads to our commitments:


  • responsibility and safety to our clients and staff - our products use only natural ingredients, enhanced with cutting-edge costmetic technologies and an artisanal spirit;
  • minimising the impact on the environment - to ensure there is no comprimise to tomorrow;
  • strong values and ethics - creating sincere relationships with everyone including clients, staff and suppliers;


Taking care of ourselves promotes a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.  Taking care of the world in which we live means a better future.


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